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We discovered your company on social media and decided to contact you. For a brief introduction, Inkfolio, LLC is an online graphic design business established in 2015 by designers based right in the heart of Jackson, MS. Having years of experience, Inkfolio designers are skilled in providing superior graphics and ultimate customer service.

In effort to build our company’s name, we are offering custom logos to a select few amazing companies in the Jackson Metro Area. We selected you as one of those companies.

In our original email, we attached a  custom logo designed exclusively for your company. Typically, Inkfolio offers text logos for $150.00, however, we are offering this custom logo to you for only $45.00. All that we ask in exchange is for you to mention Inkfolio's name, at least once, the very first time you display your logo on social media!

Please review the attached designs and let us know your thoughts. If you decide to accept our offer, please let us know by replying to our original email. We will then email you a invoice for $45.00. Once the invoice is paid, the logo is all yours! If you do not require a new logo, but are interested in one of the many other services we provide, we welcome you to browse our website. We would love the opportunity to service your graphic needs.

Please keep in mind, this price is exclusively for your company. This offer is not valid for other potential customers.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service you!

Inkfolio Customer Service  
IG : @inkfolio
FB : @inkfoliodigitalinking

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